Catholic Community of Waukesha

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The prayer shawls made by our group are shared with those who are experiencing difficult times and are meant to provide them some comfort. They can also be given during joyful times as well, birthdays, graduations and weddings.
The first Prayer Shawl Ministry was established in 1997 by two young women who wanted to share their faith. Since then groups have formed all over the world. Our first meeting at St. William was June 20, 2005.
Before starting a shawl, prayers are said for the person who will be receiving it. We pray they will feel God’s love and know they are not alone, that He is with them. At our monthly meetings, we pray for those who have received the shawls we have made and for those who will receive them.
Our shawls are blessed by a priest usually after the anointing of the sick on the second Saturday of the month. If you are there, you can get one at that time.
We meet the fourth Wednesday of every month, except during the months of June, July and December, at 1 p.m. in the Vercelli House Weakland Room. Meeting time is subject to change and would be noted in the bulletin. You do not need to attend the meetings to participate.
There is absolutely no charge for any of the shawls we make; just be comforted and feel God’s love. If you would like to receive a prayer shawl for yourself or a family member or have any questions regarding the Prayer Shawl Ministry, contact Beverly Carter at