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Stewardship & Evangelization


Stewardship and Evangelization groups' primary goals are to develop and facilitate parishioner involvement in the parish. This committee helps promote the gifts of discipleship, gratitude, and generosity, which are freely given to us by God. These groups work to develop and facilitate parishioner involvement through our ministry fair, welcoming initiatives, and more.


Stewardship/ Evangelization Groups and Committees

Conscious of the Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19), the Evangelization Committee imbues the parish with a sense of this mission and offers guidance and direction in these efforts. Trusting in the Holy Spirit, it accomplishes this by exploring new ways to extend the invitation of others to enter into fellowship with Christ in the parish community and offers education to the parish in how they can extend the faith we share to others.

members of this committee help to identify and perform all tasks needed to the annual Parish Festivals at St. John Neumann and St. Mary including: volunteer recruitment and seeking sponsors, as well as other logistical tasks. 

Our parishes sponsor fish fry's several times a year. The fish fry encourages parish unity and community fellowship and welcome. Help is needed for set up and food prep the night before the fish fry and for serving, cooking and cleaning up the day of the fish fry.

BEREAVEMENT MINISTERS FOR FUNERALS- Ministers would attend funerals to greet people and pass out orders of worship. Ministers also see that the family has everything they need and call them after the funeral to check on them. 
BEREAVEMENT/RESURRECTION CHOIR – Sings for parish funerals, which are usually morning liturgies. Participation is dependent upon the individual’s availability. 
BEREAVEMENT GREETERS – Hand out worship aids and songbooks at funerals, which are usually morning liturgies. Answer general visitor questions.

Provides hospitality after Masses once a month and at parish events. This group is also responsible for personally contacting new members of the parish to answer any questions and make sure they have received a new parishioner packet.

(Ushers and Greeters) – teams of ushers and greeters are the first faces of welcome that our members and visitors encounter when they come to Mass, and perhaps, the last ones as they hand out the parish’s weekly bulletin. These teams are placed on a rotating schedule. This ministry also hands out worship aids, assists with seating, takes up the collection, guides the communion procession and contacts medical aid in emergencies. Ministry is open to adults and youth members of the parish.

help welcoming new members to our parish community by attending events together and staying in touch to answer any questions they may have. 

members pray for the needs of the community. Some examples are prayers for successful surgeries and other serious health issues, prayers for employment and prayers for recovery from cancer or other serious conditions.

Volunteers count the weekend collections to prepare for deposit. Money counters are scheduled on a rotating basis according to each person’s availability. Individuals with experience in banking, accounting, or other similar fields, are especially invited to join this ministry. All money counters are required to have a criminal and financial background check.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about any of these groups please fill out form below, and someone will reach out with more information.