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These groups work to address the needs of the parish community by coordinating and overseeing all administrative tasks needed to effectively support the Catholic Community of Waukesha's mission and the missions of the vibrant ministries housed within our four parishes including everything from finances to building maintenance. 


Administration Groups and Committees

Provides advice and assistance to the Finance Council on major building and equipment improvements or repairs and maintenance of parish grounds. The committee also assists with long-range planning for parish facilities.

This group helps maintain the outdoor spaces of our churches such as maintaining gardens in the Spring or helping to plow snow in the winter. 

Bulletin Stuffers assist in inserting flyers into our weekly bulletin, or collating and stuffing envelopes to be mailed out. Participation only required "as needed". 

Office Volunteers assist the parish office with various clerical tasks including mailings, new member outreach and contacting volunteers.

Multimedia volunteers assist by donating their time and talent at various parish events and celebrations by taking photos or videos to be used in parish print or online publications. 

SCRIPT is a year-round fundraising effort which benefits both our Parishes and the Waukesha Catholic school system. This ministry only requires about 20 minutes of your time at the Mass you normally attend. Everyone is trained independently and scheduled to work about once per month. SCRIP is our easiest fundraising opportunity and it’s a terrific way to get involved to help the parish!

Individuals with experience and interest in accounting, analysis, planning, and investment are invited to join the Finance & Investment Committee. This committee reviews and analyzes the actual operating results, plans and budget for upcoming years, and determines proper investment activities for the parish. The committee also coordinates with other areas of the parish to plan for future financial needs and operations.

This committee helps promote the gifts of time and talent that are freely given to us by God. Our vision is to unite faith and service, become a more welcoming parish, and show appreciation to those who do serve. Our committee works to develop and facilitate parishioner involvement through our ministry fair, welcoming initiatives, and more.


If you are interested in joining or learning more about any of these groups please fill out form below, and someone will reach out with more information.