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A Message From Our Pastor


Return to Mass- Times & Directives

June 07, 2020
By Catholic Community of Waukesha


It is with full hearts that we announce a new Mass schedule. As we have stated previously, our goal continues: to offer the Eucharist to the faithful, as safely as possible, with our current resources.

Delaying our opening for two weeks provided our community with time. It gave our volunteer team of medical professionals time to gather more information and data on the pandemic. It gave our parishioners time to be safe while observing the impact of the order that lifted the Safer at Home stay. Even now, while we have more information on a virus that is only six months old, we continue to move forward with caution. It also provided us the time to build the infrastructure necessary to offer Mass including: pooling volunteers and purchasing much needed resources such as masks, sanitizer and cleaning supplies that were not on hand and not readily available.

On May 13th, the Safer at Home order was lifted and there was a need to determine the impact of this event. We gathered our professional and lay leadership to assess the available information and the risk to our parishioners if we opened Masses on May 30/31. It was deemed prudent to take a conservative approach grounded in solid moral teaching and a deep respect for gift of life. This decision provided the necessary time to watch if there would be a mild, moderate, high or extreme response to that impetus. Two weeks later, we witnessed:1) a decrease of the percentage of positive cases in Wisconsin, 2)a mild increase of the percentage of positive cases in Waukesha County, and 3)a moderate increase in the number of positive cases in Waukesha County and Wisconsin. Since we did not see an extreme increase in cases or percentages, we have decided to offer Mass.

Beginning June 13th, we will offer one English Mass at each church and one Spanish Mass at St. William. Mass will be offered providing there are sufficient volunteers to offer a safe and prayerful experience for Mass goers. Seating will be limited and parishioners are asked to make a reservation. Since we know contracting the virus is most virulent in enclosed quarters and with a long exposure, masks will be required.

We continue follow the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's directives and monitor the progress of Covid19 . With this in mind, the Mass schedule below is set through the 4th of July weekend. Please remember that Archbishop Listecki has granted the faithful a dispensation from Mass through July 5th.

An instructional video is currently being edited to reflect the change in plans and new procedures. Upon completion, it will be emailed and available on our website, social media and YouTube channel. We have also created a "quick guide" for those desiring to attend Mass next weekend. The guide can be found under Mass resources on this page.

Thank you. In the words of Archbishop Listecki: "We miss you and we are happy to begin this careful return to Sunday Mass. With your cooperation and observation of these guidelines and directives, we can ensure that soon all of us will be able to gather together again. God bless you stay safe, healthy, holy and welcome back."