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Resources & Assistance

St. Vincent de Paul Help Lines

St. John Neumann 262- 549-0223 x 115
St. Joseph 262-522-0386
St. Mary 262-832-1444
St. Mary Food Pantry 262-832-1445
St. William 262-547-2763 x 204
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store 262-547-3281


Mental & Emotional Support Resources | Recursos de apoyo mental y emocional

Domestic Abuse


Life can be stressful, and when that stress is felt all across the world as it is with this pandemic,  it is amplified enormously.  Difficult situations and relationships can become inflamed and potentially dangerous.  
If you are experiencing a situation of abuse, please try to tap into the resources below.  These experts can guide you. 
The Women’s Center, Waukesha, WI
Women's Center Website
24 hour Hotline is 262-542-3828 or 888-542-3828


The National hotline for domestic abuse is:  800-799-7233
If you suspect domestic abuse with a family member, friend or neighbor,  please take time to educate yourself about it through the National Hotline website.   They can assist you in knowing how you can help.
La vida puede ser estresante, y cuando el estrés se siente en todo el mundo, como sucede con esta pandemia, el estrés se amplía enormemente. Las situaciones y relaciones complicadas pueden ser más difíciles y  potencialmente peligrosas.
Si está experimentando una situación de abuso, considere los recursos que a continuación le presentamos. Estos expertos pueden orientarlo.
A nivel local :
El Centro de Mujeres, Waukesha, WI
Sitio Web
Línea directa las 24 horas es 262-542-3828 o 888-542-3828
La línea directa nacional para abuso doméstico es: 800-799-7233
Si sospecha abuso doméstico con un miembro de la familia, amigo o vecino, infórmese sobre el tema a través del sitio web de la línea directa nacional. Aquí pueden asesorarlo para saber cómo puede ayudar.  

Grief Support


How can we help?

Call us. Our Societal-Pastoral team can visit with you and see how we can assist and refer you as needed.  Our number is 262-542-2589.   For Marguerite Thompson, Director of Societal-Pastoral Ministry, enter extension 110.  For Amy Haas, RN, Parish Nurse, please enter extension 103.  Para Espanol, llama a Liliana Cavazos extension 113.

For sacramental reconciliation or for urgent pastoral needs, contact our priests at 262-547-6555 and press 6.  You can also contact our Catholic Community of Waukesha hotline at 262-547-6555 ext 1306.


If you have recently lost a loved one, we are genuinely sorry for your loss.  It is a unique experience for everyone, yet there are also common aspects of that experience.  Reading about them can help us process.  Here are some links to articles that reference different kinds of losses, AND actions you can take to support yourself or someone you know who is bereaved.  


Articles specifically related to experience with Covid-19

Job Loss and Financial Distress


During this current crisis in our country, there is a lot of stress related to employment and finances.  If you are experiencing job loss and stress, we, the Catholic Community of Waukesha are praying for you daily.  Here are some websites that give advice for those things that you need to attend to right away.  Also, a couple of sites where you can be reminded of ways to deal with the stress related to job loss.  If you would like to visit with someone, please contact our Catholic Community of Waukesha hotline for support.  262-547-6555. 


Online Resources


Prayer and Spiritual Support

A Prayer for Anyone Facing a Job Layoff
By Mark Herringshaw 
I’m meeting a friend for lunch today. He was recently laid off. I’m not quite sure what to say when we meet. I can’t exactly hand in a new job, not exactly at least. What I can promise is that I will pray for and with him. That may sound like a platitude but I actually believe it’s probably the best and most powerful favor I could deliver.
God works; and he works through prayer. God can move heaven and earth, and he has and does and will again. Prayer is God’s chosen formula. We didn’t think it up, or invent promises like, “Ask anything in my name and I will do it…” I still squirm when I read that one, in part because it doesn’t always seem to be so simple as that, and in part because I can’t quite imagine how the Creator of the universe would dare put himself on the line with what seems to be such a blank check. Whatever! I’m deciding to live my life as if that’s God’s issue, not mine. If he invites me to pray and believe it matters, I’m going to do it. So today, I will pray for my friend who has been laid off his job. I’ll pray for his peace, his present provision, and for a new employment opportunity that fits his passions and gifts. Join me, for him and others like him.
God, we pray for all those who have suddenly lost employment. There are many. We ask you to first give them peace and a settled confidence. Their natural response is to shock and then fear, and to begin questioning their abilities, the past accomplishments and their future prospects. Give them your encouragement today, and do so through surprising ways, both directly from your Spirit and through other people who come across their path. Build them up, as this situation has torn them down. Remind them of past victories, and awaken new dreams for their future. Give them – today – divine appointments with people who may be key in opening a new future for them. Give them hope; lighten their step; lift the anxiety from their body; give them sleep and an unexpected joy. God, you intend us to have a purposeful life. You give us work assignments to accomplish because you designed us to help you create and sustain your creation. We are not made for idleness or sloth. We need meaningful work. So for all those who have lost a job, today bring them one step closer to a new direction. Show them any areas in their own character that need to change in order for their destiny to be realized. Then give them the wisdom and power to make those changes, by your Spirit. Today is a new day with new possibilities. Let nothing stand in the way of your purposes in the lives of those who, without your assistance, cannot find their next course. We pray this in Jesus…”
Prayer for Employment
God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment. I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path, and to lead me to find the proper things to say and do in this quest. I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given me, but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment. Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I may return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance. Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
El programa de inmigración de Caridades Católicas está tratando de mantenerse actualizado sobre las noticias relacionadas con los inmigrantes durante esta contingencia sanitaria. Este enlace explica sobre las prestaciones por desempleo. Aquellos inmigrantes con ciertos permisos de trabajo son elegibles para beneficios de desempleo.


Más Información

Other Resources/ Otros Recursos

Refugee and Immigration Services

Servicios de Inmigración y Refugiados

Catholic Charities Milwaukee




Community Agencies

There are many services and open doors all throughout the Waukesha Community. 
If you find yourself in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the agencies listed below. 

Unsure of where to look? Would you like more information. Contact any of our parish offices. 

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    Centro Hispano

    614 W. National Avenue, Milwaukee Also called the Council for the Spanish Speaking, ...
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    La Casa de Esperanza

    410 Arcadian Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53186 Established in 1966, La Casa de Esperanza is a com ...
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    Waukesha School District

    222 Maple Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53186 Our Mission: To develop in our students the capaci ...
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    Waukesha County Technical College

    800 Main Street, Pewaukee, WI 53072 For nearly a century, Waukesha County Technical Co ...
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    Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers

    309 E North Street Waukesha, WI 53188 Established in 1969, the Sixteenth Street Communit ...
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    Christmas Clearing Council

    MAILING ADDRESS PO Box 34, ​Waukesha, WI, 53187-0034 ​The Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County ...
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    Waukesha Free Clinic (Formally St. Joseph Medical Clinic)

    237 Wisconsin Avenue in Waukesha A critical safety net provider and provides free h ...
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    Waukesha Food Pantry

    1301 Sentry Drive Waukesha, WI 53186 Our Mission The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha Coun ...
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    St. Vincent the Paul Society

    818 W. Sunset Drive Waukesha, WI St. Vincent de Paul of Waukesha County is a group ...
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    Waukesha Hope Center

    502 N East Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186 MISSION: Reducing the risks of poverty by helpin ...
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    Life's Connections

    494 W Main St, Waukesha, WI 53186 Life's Connection provides a safe and nurturing pl ...
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    Eras Senior Network, Inc.

    2607 N Grandview Blvd Suite 150, Waukesha, WI 53188 Eras Senior Network is a nonprofit organization wh ...
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    Catholic Charities

    Waukesha Area Office 717 N. East Ave. Waukesha, WI 53186 Catholic Charities mission to "provide service to ...

St. John Neumann
2400 W. STH 59
Waukesha, WI 5189

St. Joseph 
818 N. East Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186

St. Mary
225 S. Hartwell St. 
Waukesha, WI 53186

St. William
440 Moreland Ave 
Waukesha, WI 53188