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COVID-19 News & Updates

Current Status: PHASE 1

What does our Current Status mean? Our current COVID-19 status refers to the level of safety, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and Administration teams have determined. 



July 2020 COVID-19 Updates

July 08, 2020
By Catholic Community of Waukesha

In our ongoing efforts at transparency, we were notified of a staff persons immediate family member that has posted positive for COVID 19. This staff person has not come into contact with any other staff or the community so we will continue with our current protocols.

As of today, July 8th, we continue to work under the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Phase I matrix and some slight adjustments have been made.

How does this affect you?

*Dispensation of obligation extended to Aug 2nd
*Public Masses remain at 25% occupancy
*Masks are required on premises
*Phone & Online reservations will continue through Aug 2nd
*Reception of Eucharist in hand only
*First Communions have been scheduled
*Confirmation has been scheduled
*Wedding at 25% capacity
*Funerals at 25% capacity - no wakes/visitations in Church
*Reconciliation continues on Saturday
*Daily Mass 25% capacity continues in current schedule
*Adoration 25% capacity continues in current schedule
*Individual Anointing of Non-Covid-19 Parishioners not in a Hospital or Nursing Home permitted
*Visiting Parishioners/Taking Communion into hospitals/Nursing Homes by Priest only
*No distribution of Holy Water
*Parish offices remain closed to public
*Staff continue to work and be available by email or phone.

Please share to help spread this communication.

We appreciate your support and continue to work in our ministries. While our offices may be closed, we continue to minister, develop and form disciples of Christ. Thank you for continuing your financial support of your church, We will need your help soon and ask you to make a sacrificial gift to maintain your parish. At this time, we continue to research and develop new methods to reach our community. May the peace of our Lord remain with you.




A Guide to Returning to Parish Operations and Ministry
published by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Una guía para el retorno a las operaciones y los ministerios parroquiales
Publicado por la Arquidiócesis de Milwaukee