Catholic Community of Waukesha

Time & Talent


As Christians, we have been taught to be humble, but humility should not deter us from acknowledging the gifts and talents we have been given by God.  God can only do his good works on this earth through us.  We welcome you to take some time to prayerfully discern what you have to give.  Not only will it help God in His mission, but it will enhance your faith life as well!

Following your discernment, please review the Time and Talent Handbook.  We then welcome you to complete the Time and Talent Opportunity Form, which you can complete on-line - Your responses will be sent directly to the parish office.  If you prefer, you can download and complete a paper form.  Please return the paper form to the parish office.  Someone will follow up with you!
Click here to review the Time & Talent Handbook.
Click here to complete the On-Line Time and Talent Opportunity Form.
Click here for a paper copy of the Time and Talent Opportunity Form.