Catholic Community of Waukesha

Faith Formation

Formation in faith is a life-long process, and St. Mary's Christian Formation ministry programs are here to assist you in your journey through all stages of life...

Please click here for the Christian Formation Committee Meetings
Please visit our webpages to learn more about:
  • Child & Family Ministry (serves families and children K3-8th Grade)
  • Youth Ministry (serves youth and families of 9th,10th, and 11th graders, including Confirmation Preparation)
  • Adult Ministry - Opportunities for adult spiritual growth and sacramental formation
  • Waukesha Catholic - Interested in Catholic Grade School or Middle School? Check out Waukesha Catholic School System for children K3-8th!

Left to Right:  Jim Gill, Kirsten Rose, Heather Warner, Marguerite Thompson

We are here to help you.  Please feel free to contact one of the Christian Formation Team Members:
  • Marguerite Thompson—Pastoral Associate and Director of Adult Ministry - 262-547-6555, ext. 1302
  • Heather Warner— Director of Youth Ministry (Teens in grades 9-11) - 262-547-6555, ext. 1346
  • Jim Gill—Director of Child  & Family Ministry (Children in grades Pre-K through 8th) - 262-547-6555, ext. 1306
  • Kirsten Rose—Administrative Assistant 262-547-6555, ext. 1305